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Three childhood friends who want to continue your legacy by providing a permanent home for your business.

About You

You have spent years building your business, sacrificing time away from your family and friends. You may be thinking about retirement and potentially selling your business. We understand it can be a tough decision and an intimidating process, but we hope you’ll see that our approach is unique. We are committed to a transparent and fair process.

If the below sounds like you and your business, we want to talk to you.


People are the lifeblood of companies. The team should be excited about continued future growth. We want a great mix of leaders and creative problem solvers.


We're seeking a business with an operating profit of at least $500K before taxes and a strong track record of consistent annual profitability with attractive margins.


We're searching for a business with a fantastic reputation and brand name recognition. That starts from the top with an owner who possesses a high degree of integrity and sincerity.


We want to find a company with a product or service that will be around forever. Some industries fade, but we want to operate in one that will see incremental growth for decades to come.

About You
About Us

About Us

We have known each other for over twenty years. This deep connection is embodied in our name; Valpo is short for “Valparaiso,” the street where we met one another and grew up. We’re not the traditional investor group that has probably been knocking on your door. For starters, we use our own capital. Here’s how else we’re different:


This isn’t just a transaction, it’s a relationship built on trust and communication. We will treat you like we have treated each other for  20 years; with respect and honesty.


We’ve operated businesses and have occupied your seat at the table. We will work tirelessly to make this a fair and smooth process for everyone involved.



We aren’t interested in flipping your business for a profit in 5 years. We are interested in steadily growing the business for the next 50 years.


You have spent years building your team and growing your business. You are proud of what you have built, and so are we. We pledge to continue and preserve the legacy you have created. 


Valpo Team


Carter Brutschy Managing Partner

Carter is a finance-focused start-up veteran with over 10 years of operating experience. Carter began his career in commercial lending at Union Bank before turning to entrepreneurial ventures. His love of exploring new places led him to travel-based tech company There, Carter served as the Director of Finance and helped successfully sell the company to a competitor in 2019 after growing to a $200M+ valuation. He graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Economics and played NCAA water polo. Carter is based in Southern California, stays involved with non-profits related to ALS research, and enjoys any and all water sports with his fiancée, Krista.  


Narsai Tailo
Managing Partner

Narsai has 12+ years of experience working in operations, finance, and real estate. He began his career working for Fisher Investments, a global asset management firm. He then worked for Meridian Investment Management where he oversaw the firm's investments, including the investment and development of $100M+ of real estate assets. Narsai graduated with a B.S. in Finance and MBA from Santa Clara University. He lives in Northern California with his wife, Natalie. When he's off the clock, Narsai loves to read, hike, and spend as much quality time as he can with family and friends.


Jamie Greene
Managing Partner

Jamie is the Co-Founder and President of the Hypopara Research Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to advancing treatment for a rare disease through stem cell research and hardware development. He has been a private equity investor for the last decade and currently sits on the Board of Directors of five companies. In 2014, two longtime friends and Jamie co-founded Victiv, a gaming start-up, which they sold to a public company in 2015. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2008. Jamie lives in Northern California and is the proud father of three. When he is not chasing his kids around, he loves skiing, traveling, and going to concerts.


Get In Touch

We understand selling your life's work is a daunting opportunity! We're here to help you through the process and would be delighted to connect. If you are interested in a discussion about your business, please feel free to contact us below.


Brokers and intermediaries are more than welcome to reach out. We would be eager to discuss any opportunities, and we offer an industry-standard finder's fee in the event of a successful transaction.

Thank you for submitting!

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